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4.7-inch iPhone 6 physical mockup compared to iPod Touch 5G

iPhone 6 mockups have been making round over and over lately, however a new interesting photo set shared by Macitynet, an Italian Apple fan site, that shows the rumored 4.7-inch variant of iPhone 6 next to an iPod Touch 5G. The photos show the similarities between a device that has not yet been revealed and a device that is almost two years old.

From the photos it’s clear that the iPhone 6 mockup design in inspired from the iPod Touch 5G. Both of the devices have curved matte aluminum rear shell as well as speaker holes on the bottom along the right side. The standalone pill-shaped volume rocker can also be seen on the sides of the devices.

The only noticeable different between the iPhone 6 mockup and the iPod Touch 5g is the thickness. The mockup appears slightly thicker, wider, and longer than its phone-less counterpart. iPod Touch which is just 6.1 mm thick is slimmer than the iPhone 6 mockup which is 7.0 mm thick according to the drawings used to create the pictured mockup. However, at 7.0 mm, the mockup is notably thinner than the current-gen iPhone 5s.


If this mockup turns out to be true, iPhone 6 will have looks of the current iPhone 5c, which also features curved edges design. However, a curious rounded flash in the mockup seems to indicate a departure from the dual-LED True Tone flash setup found in the iPhone 5s.

Apple is widely rumored to be working on two new iPhone models with larger display sizes. A 4.7-inch model is rumored to launch as soon as August, while a larger 5.5-inch variant would follow at a later date. Both models will most probably be running iOS 8.


Would you like to see a larger iPhone 6 with the design of other current generation devices, or you favors the design of the current generation iPhone?

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