GuestMode: Enable Guest Mode on iPhone and iPad

GuestMode: Enable Guest Mode on iPhone, iPad [Cydia Tweak]

While OS X and some of the Android devices offer a GuestMode or multiple users support, the same cannot be said for Apple’s iOS. iPhone and iPad users don’t have the luxury of settings up a Guest account or multiple accounts on a single device. Like any other feature that iOS lacks, jailbreak users can also get the guest account funtionality on their iPhone or iPad. GuestMode is a jailbreak tweak that enables guest mode on iPhone offering a fully functional and customizable guest account experience.


With guest mode enabled, you can allow your kids to play game on your iPhone without accidentally making calls, or you may even give your cell to your friends without worrying of access to your private stuff such as Facebook, Photos etc. Guestmode jailbreak tweak is fully Optimized for both the iPhone and iPad and it allows jailbreakers to set up and enable a limited-access user mode on their device.

Here’s how GuestMode works on iPhone and iPad:

Once installed from Cydia, there are multiple ways to enable guest mode on your iPhone or iPad including

  • Guest button on Lockscreen keypad
  • Swipe left on Lockscreen
  • Swipe right past passcode on Lockscreen
  • Guest Passcode
  • Activator gesture at Lockscreen

User can access the guest mode using one of the ways mentioned above. This will give someone access to your iPhone/Pad’s home screen, however you can restrict that access. You can restrict access to apps and other iOS features such as Notification Center, Control Center, app switcher, Siri etc. You can even disable the ability to close apps from the app switcher in guest mode.

guest mode iphone

By default, with GuestMode enables, app are greyed out, which means they cannot be accessed in guesmode. However, you can configure and selectively allow access to the apps under Settings app.

GuestMode Cydia tweak is available for $0.99 in the Cydia store. Once installed, you’ll see a new preferences pane added to the bilt-in Settings app for the GuestMode tweak. The tweak is fully compatible with all the devices ruuning iOS 7.

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