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iPhone 6 Concept Features an iPad Air like Design [Video]

with the iPhone 6 rumours mill in full swing, the iPhone 6 concepts have also started to make rounds now and then. This new iPhone iPhone 6 concept is designed by by Arthur Reis and features an iPad Air/iPad mini inspired design that makes this iPhone 6 mock-up looks like an iPod Touch. I must say the design looks gorgeous at 4.4-inch display form-factor.

iphone 6 concept 4

New special iPhone 6 concept from Arthur Reis in cooperation with Ran Avni (The video editor). iPhone shows new stronger design, 4.4 inch Full HD unbreakable sapphire screen, new capacitive Home Button with improved Touch ID sensor, 12MP f/1.8 rear camera with bigger sensor and 120fps 1080p video, and 5MP Full HD front camera (Better in low light scenes), A7X processor, 2x faster GPU, improved speakers, battery now lasts 20 hours using LTE, thinner & lighter, AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

I’d suggest you to not pay much attention to the dream specs shown in this concept, just checkout the design. Below you can watch the video of this iPhone 6 concept as well as the photos. Also checkout complete photos gallery.

iphone 6 concept 3
iphone 6 concept 1
iphone 6 concept 2
iphone 6 concept 5

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