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iOS 7 Jailbreak: Progress Report

Evad3rs are making great progress on iOS 7 jailbreak. Planetbeing of the team has tweeted that the team probably has all the pieces required for the iOS 7 jailbreak. Hit the jump for the detailed report on iOS 7 jailbreak progress and what other hackers has to say about the jailbreak
This is what Planetbeing tweeted about the iOS 7 jailbreak progress:

We’re still working hard on the jailbreak. May have all the pieces at this point (but not certain yet).

In response to Planetbeing’s tweet, Pod2g reminded us not to be overly optimistic. He said that assembling all those iOS 7 jailbreak pieces may take a while.

@planetbeing the road is long though. Assembling all the pieces may take a while… Don’t expect a jailbreak next week people 😉

and like any other iOS hacker out there, Pod2g also tweeted that they are not in a position yet to give a public release date for the jailbreak.

Again, and like usual, we can’t give a release date for the iOS 7 jailbreak. We can run into different troubles… No idea.

While the evad3rs are making great progress, it must be noted that there still appears to be quite a bit of work to be done. There are other things that need to be fixed other than the jailbreak itself: Cydia compatibility with iOS 7, mobile substrate, jailbreak tweaks and compatibility with different models of iPhone and iPad. So, we cannot expect the jailbreak to be released in coming few weeks.

Apple has already released iOS 7.0.1 and iOS 7.0.2 to fix numerous issues found in iOS 7. However, MuscleNerd, of the team evad3rs confirms that iOS 7.0.2 is safe for those who have already updated to iOS 7.

We’ll update you as we learn more about this upcoming iOS 7 jailbreak. Stay Tuned!

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