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Pod2g is Confident About iOS 7 Jailbreak

iOS hackers are making good progress on the iOS 7 jailbreak. After Planetbeing talking about iOS 7 jailbreak status, Pod2G also says that he’s “more and more confident” about the possibility of a public jailbreak for iOS 7. This is indeed a great news for the jailbreak community. Hit the jump to learn more about iOS 7 jailbreak…
Without making any promises or giving any expected release date, Pod2G, a well known developer has tweeted about the possibility of an jailbreak iOS 7, but he was careful to note that it’s not coming soon. Here’s what he tweeted:

Despite the fact that we are nowhere near getting a public iOS 7 jailbreak, still, the hackers like planetbeing and pod2g talking about it, is a great encouragement for all the jailbreakers out there. One can almost hear the sigh of relief from those iOS users who are curious to check iOS 7 but don’t want to lose their jailbreak.

If we recall the iOS 6 launch, all the beta versions of iOS 6 were tethered jailbroken, but iOS 7 is yet to get a jailbreak treatment. In spite of that, it’s a good to know that evad3rs are on it. Evad3rs is the same team who released the very first untethered iOS 6 jailbreak called evasi0n.

We expect the iOS 7 jailbreak to take some time, even more time for the latest iPhone 5S that comes with a new challenge: A7 processor. Hopefully, the older devices including iPhone 5 will get an early jailbreak treatment, followed by the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

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