Amazing Slow Motion (slo-mo) Video Footage Shot with iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S comes with an improved iSight camera that is loaded with great new features such as slo-mo (slow motion) video, burst mode to capture numerous photos in one burst, and improved low-light performance. It looks like people are having a lot of fun with the iPhone 5S’ slo-mo camera feature and showing their creativity with it.


There are already several slow motion videos, captured with iPhone 5s, posted on YouTube and Instagram. Some of those videos just show the slow motion capabilities of iPhone 5S, but Rishi Kaneria has shown his creativity with his best compilation different scenes captured with slow motion feature found in iPhone 5S. The video shows the possibilities with the iPhone 5S camera.

Here’s the slow motion video by Rishi Kaneria with an iPhone 5S slo-mo feature:

[Daring Fireball]

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