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Gorgeous New iWatch Concept Shows Flexible Display, iOS 7-like UI [Video]

Since the day we first heard that Apple was working on a smartwatch, numerous designers started to publish mockups of what an iWatch might look like. Designer Federico Ciccarese, known for many Apple product concepts, has teamed up with some of the friends to create his latest iWatch concept
The new iWatch concept from Federico Ciccarese is little more realistic than some other iWatch renders and might be the best so far. With a flexible touchscreen display, this new iWatch concept makes it more futuristic, high-end wearable fashion accessory that even runs iOS 7.

This gorgeous new iWatch concept is base on Apple’s ‘Bi-stable Spring with Flexible Display’ patent. Similar to a slap band bracelet, the patent calls for a snap-on bracelet with a flexible touchscreen display.

Actual details about iWatch have been slim thus far. Expected features include wide range of sensors for tracking health and fitness stats and it will run iOS.


Launch of an iWatch by Apple is not expected until next year. Samsung is expected to unveil its smartwatch, the Galaxy gear, during an event on September 4 in Berlin. But it’s said to not include flexible display in first generation. The video below shows the latest iWatch concept in black and various colors.

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