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iCloud Beta Gets iOS 7 Like Flat Design

Apple has introduced the flat UI elements in iOS 7 by getting rid of fake leather and linen characteristic of previous software design. Apple has now unveiled a revamped iCloud.com Beta which features flat design similar to that of iOS 7
icloud beta
The redesigned iCloud beta features iOS 7 like blur effect, new icons, and revamped user interface for each of the apps within iCloud. iCloud apps include Contacts, Mail, Find my iPhone, Reminders, Notes, and Calendar.

Beta.iCloud.com is currently available to registered Apple developers only; however, the new interface will presumably go live for all users alonside iOS 7 public availability.

Notably, the iWork app for iCloud have not yet been updated to reflect the new look. Take a look at the screenshot posted below. You can follow beta.icloud.com to try out the newly designed iCloud beta interface. Apple doesn’t seems to require users to have registered developers account to sign-in to iCloud beta.

icloud beta 1

icloud beta 2

icloud beta 3

icloud beta 4

icloud beta 5

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