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Rovio Announces Angry Birds Star Wars II

Few days after teasing a new installment of Angry Birds Star Wars, Rovio has now officially announced Angry Birds Star Wars II for iOS and it’s set to land app store on September 19, with worldwide availability.
Angry Birds Star Wars II is set to bring 30 never-before-seen characters, and the new game will tackle the prequels. There will also be a line of over 30 interactive toys called TELEPODS from Hasbrol.

As per Rovio, placing a ‘Telepods’ onto your phone or tablet camera will scan it directly into the game allowing you to select new characters on the fly.

From Rovio’s blog:

Today we’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of Angry Birds Star Wars II, launching on September 19 across app stores worldwide!

The new game will tackle the prequels, introducing a wide roster of never-before-seen Angry Birds Star Wars characters. The best part? You’ll get to play with over 30 of them!

Another first for the series is that you can choose your side! Players can choose to “Join the Pork Side”, and rumor has it that the emperor is recruiting (more on this soon!!)

Here’s a video trailer:

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