Low-cost iPhone to be Called ‘iPhone 5C’

Low-cost iPhone to be Called ‘iPhone 5C’, Shows Leaked Packaging Photos

Apple is widely rumored to be working on a low-cost budget iPhone with a plastic rear shell alongside the iPhone 5S. Numerous leaked photos and videos of the rumored low-cost iPhone in multiple colors are making rounds of the cloud every now and then. This time a container full of packaging material allegedly for low-cost iPhone reveals that it will be called ‘iPhone 5C‘.
iphone 5c
Macotakara, a Japanese blog, found the photo in the WeiPhone forums of what appears to be a bin full of plastic packaging material with iPhone 5C engraving on it. Authenticity of this photo is unclear as it could just be the packaging for a Chinese knock-off.

If this leaked packaging turns out to be the real thing, then the naming convention for low-cost iPhone is interesting. 9to5mac points out that the ‘C’ could stand for ‘Color’ as the low-cost iPhone is expected to come in multiple colors, or may be ‘Cheap’ because it’s a low-cost iPhone. We think ‘Color’ is way better than ‘Cheap’ from marketing perspective.

iLounge had already predicted ‘iPhone 5C’ name for the plastic iPhones. They also claim it will be mainly made from plastic. If Apple ends up calling it iPhone 5S, then there are chances that Apple will discontinue iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S as some rumors have suggested.

iphone 5c packaging

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