iPhone 5 to be Discontinued with iPhone 5S and Budget iPhone Launch?

Apple will discontinue the production of the iPhone 5 later this fall, focusing all of its efforts on the production and launch of the next generation iPhone 5S and the rumored budget iPhone models, reports a Korean site ETNews.com.
low cost-iphone
Apple is heavily speculated to be working on a cheaper model of iPhone with plastic body to serve as a mid-range smartphone. Until now, Apple was expected to discontinue iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in favor of the upcoming iPhone 5S and to make way for an all-Lightning iPhone lineup, a transition from the old 30-pin connector.

This new report from the ETNews claims that the in-cell display technology used in iPhone 5, that integrates touch sensors into the LCD, is not suitable for low volume production, resulting in Apple’s decision to stop its production and focus all of its efforts towards next generation iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone model.

One can understand that Apple may discontinue iPhone 4S in an effort to phase out 30-pins connector devices, but it’s hard to believe that Apple is going to discontinue iPhone 5 due to in-cell technology that Apple will likely be using in the next generation iPhone as well.

If Apple does end up stopping the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S production, then expect the budget iPhone to be priced in the $350 – $450 range.

iPhone 5S production is reportedly scheduled to begin later this month. Both iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone models are rumored to be launched in September-October timeframe.

via [MacRumors]

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