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iOS 7 Jailbreak on iPod Touch Already Achieved? [Photo]

Ryan Petrich, developer of popular jailbreak tweaks including Activator, has posted an interesting screenshot which appears to answer the question of “can iOS 7 be jailbroken?”. The screenshot shows Activator jailbreak tweak running on iOS 7 beta firmware…
ios 7 jailbreak
It’s been weeks since Apple pushed iOS 7 beta to developer and it’s strange that we could not hear anything about jailbreak from any jailbreak team, because last year iOS 6 was jailbroken within 24 hours.

The screenshot that Ryan Petrich posted is of his popular tweak Activator running on what looks like an iPod Touch with iOS 7. Stock app icons, flat text and the Activator icon resting on the home screen certainly tells that Petrich’s iPod touch is jailbroken on iOS 7 beta.

Here’s is the photo posted by Ryan Petrich:

ios 7 activator

It’s unclear what method Petrich used to jailbreak his iPod Touch on iOS 7, but we’re assuming that it’s still not ready for the public release.

It’s a great sign for the jailbreak community though. In addition to whatever Ryan Petrich is using, P0sixninja has announced something big for the jailbreak scene and planetbeing claims that evad3rs still have several unused exploits in reserve. The future of jailbreak scene as a whole looks very bright.

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