Budget iPhone to Come in Two Versions, Codenamed Zenvo & Zagato/Bertone?

The low cost iPhone will come in two different models with slightly different hardware, otherwise similar specs targeting different markets, claim leaked documents posted on PhoneArena.
The leaked documents posted by Phonearena allegedly reveal code names and specifications of the upcoming rumored low cost iPhone models. According to the report, both low cost iPhone models will feature 4-inch displays, but the difference will be in the processor and connectivity options.

The report claims that one model is code named Zagato/Bertone and it will support TDD 4G LTE and feature an ‘H6P’ processor. The other model has a codename ‘Zenvo’ which is said to be slightly affordable running ‘H5P dual-core processor’ made by Samsung, 1GB of RAM, and supports FDD 4G connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0. These models are said to be for China as support for local LTE standard is listed.

The leaked documents come from China, PhoneArena details. We can’t say if these documents are legitimate, however, we have posted them below for you.

leaked iphone lite specs 1

leaked iphone lite specs 4 leaked iphone lite specs 3 leaked iphone lite specs 2



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