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WhiteLine HD: A Minimal Winterboard Theme for iPhone

WhiteLine HD is a gorgeous new Winterboard theme available in Cydia that overhauls the clunky look and feel of stock iOS. This Winterboard theme is lightweight, minimalist and looks great. WhiteLine HD iPhone theme is designed by Xavier32.
While the theme looks minimalist and clean, it includes over 800 icons, countless UI elements, and much more. The black & white color scheme is a major change from the stock iOS UI. Every design element from 2D see-through icons to grey notifications center, looks very sharp.

WhiteLine is a lovingly hand crafted overhaul of the clunky look and feel of stock iOS, with a unique, minimalist approach to the parts of your phone that you look at the most.

Make your phone look exactly the way you want

Don’t like the transparent status bar? Don’t care for the folder linen? No problem. Each part of WhiteLine is easily toggled on/off in Winterboard, or can be placed below any other themes you may wish to use in order to achieve combined results.

whiteline hd theme 3whiteline hd theme 6whiteline hd theme 1

Once installed, you can easily enable or disable every individual elements of this theme through Winterboard, allowing you to keep a mix and match parts of it with other themes you already use and love.

WhiteLine HD is available in Cydia store for just $1.49. This Winterboard theme comes with for popular tweaks and other Cydia add-ons.

Note: To install WhiteLine HD, you need to jailbreak your iPhone first and it’s a Winterboard theme.

whiteline hd theme 4whiteline-hd-theme-5whiteline hd theme 2

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