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iOS 6.1 Lock Screen Bug Bypasses the Passcode on your iPhone

The iOS lock screen bug is back again, letting users to access important user data from a passcode enabled iPhone running iOS 6.1 firmware. This new lockscreen bug has been dicovered by a YouTube user which involves a set of steps to get access to Contacts, Photos, email, iMessage and more.
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The method to get access to sensitive user data invloves a combination of actions using emergency calling in iOS 6.1. The flaw is iOS 6.1-specific and the method involves emergency screen that means iPads and iPods likely aren’t vulnerable. Below you can watch the bug in action and detailed steps to get access to user data on a passcode enabled iPhone running iOS 6.1…

Here’s how you can test the glitch on your iPhone running iOS 6.1 fimware. We’ve tested the method on an iPhone 4 iOS 6.1, and it worked.

  1. Lock your iPhone;
  2. Then slide-to-unlock;
  3. Tap the Emergency Call button;
  4. Now hold the Sleep/Wake button until the power down prompt appears;
  5. Tap Cancel. The status bar should turn blue;
  6. Dial 911 or your emergency number and immediately cancel the call;
  7. Hit the Sleep/Wake button to lock your iPhone;
  8. Then press the Home button to wake it up;
  9. Slide-to-unlock your iPhone;
  10. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and after 3 seconds tap the Emergency Call button. BOOM! (keep holding the sleep/wake button until you’re done looking in the phone).

Now you should be able to access user’s personal stuff such as contacts, iMessages, FaceTime, dialer, photos, voicemail, call list, email messages and lots more. You can also create a contact and view the photo gallery in doing so. You can even send emails and texts through the sharing-a-contact feature.

What do you think about this bug in iOS 6.1? Did the method work for you? Share your views in the comments section below…

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