iPad Mini 3D Renders Based on Reports and Leaked Schematics

A designer named Maurizio Vitale has created some iPad mini renders based on the rumored size and that it would look look like an iPod Touch. 9to5mac has posted these iPad mini 3D renders. Hit the jump to learn more about the leaked info on iPad mini and the 3D renders…

iPad Mini would look like a larger iPod Touch with skinnier bezels than a fill-sized iPad, reports, 9to5mac. The height, width, screen-size, and more dimensions of these 3D renders were taken from the leaked iPad mini schematics from July, which basically matches the information reported by 9to5mac that it’ll look like an iPod Touch.

These iPhone mini 3D renders are also compared with 9.7″ iPad display which is also based on the dimensions garnered from the schematics.

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