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iOS 6 Reference Points to a 9-pin Connector for New iPhone

The next generation iPhone 5 is expected to bring aggressive design and hardware level changes. At this point, it’s highly likely that the upcoming iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will have a smaller dock connector. This smaller connection port feature has been reported over and over by various news outlet but the exact size and amount of pins has been up in the air…

TechCrunch claimed a new connector with 19 pins, while iLounge reported a 8-pin dock connector. 9to5mac, however, reports that the next generation iOS devices will possibly carry a 9-pin dock connector.

9to5mac has found a reference to a 9-pin dock connector found in iOS 6 beta 4. The reference is found in iOS 6 beta 4 as a new iOS hardware feature called “9Pin” which hints at a 9 pins dock connector. The reference is present in iOS 6 since first beta.

Since this 9 pins reference comes in a part of the OS that details general hardware features in iOS devices, that means it’s a generic reference and the new 9-pin connector may come in all iOS devices, not just the iPhone.

Apple is also rumored to introduce an adapter to bridge the gap between old and new connectors which also hints at a very busy upcoming days for the accessory industry.

Apple is set to released iOS to general public in September loaded in iPhone 5. iOS is claimed to bring + new features. Checkout our iOS 6 features list.


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