Apple vs Samsung Verdict is in: Samsung Ordered to Pay $1 Billion in Damages to Apple

For over a few years now, Apple and Samsung has not only been fighting in the market place, but also in the courtroom. Both the companies accused each other of infringing patents. The jury in this landmark case between the world’s two largest phone manufacturers has reached a verdict in just three days of deliberations.

Legal teams from both sides were given 25 hours each to present their case. Apple presented different scenarios where Samsung slavishly copied their design and infringed their patents, hence demanded $2.5 Billion in damages due to the lost sales revenue. A nine person jury was asked to complete comprehensive 20-pages document containing 700+ questions.

The Verge was in the court room and live blogged the decisions. And the verdict is, Samsung has been found guilty of infringing on several Apple’s patents.

Almost all Samsung devices infringe all three Apple software patents. Galaxy Tab did NOT infringe the iPad design patent. Samsung will have to pay $1.05 Billion ($1,051,855,000) in damages to Apple: $57 million for Samsung’s Prevail handset, $44.8 million for the Mesmerize, $3.3 million for the Replenish, $1 million for the Samsung Transform.

As per the verdict none of the Apple devices infringe on any of Samsung Patents. So, Apple doesn’t owe anything to Samsung. In this landmark tech case in US, Apple has certainly achieved the major victory and has secured its intellectual property.

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