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iPhone 5 to Feature Quad-Core Processor [Rumor]

iPhone 5 is widely expected to get major upgrades this Fall. The next-gen iPhone, which is rumoured to bring larger 4-inch display, new casing, and LTE capabilities, will also be getting a Quad-Core processor, if the report from the somewhat-reliable DigiTimes turns out to be true.

DigiTimes reports: “Additionally, Apple is also expected to release its next-generation iPhone built on Samsung’s Exynos 4 quad-core processor in the second half, heating up competition in the segment, commented the sources.”

Quad-Core processor in iPhone 5 would be quite a bump from the current Dual-Core offering by iPhone 4S. This quad-core iPhone will boast more power than the 3rd-gen retina iPad which features a quad-core graphics with a dual-core A5X processor. The rumoured Samsung’s Exynos 4, however, is actually quad-core processor – the same processor Samsung has offered in its Galaxy S III.

Given that Apple is moving towards a larger screen size, the quad-core processor won’t come as a surprise. There’s possibility that this new quad-core processor could come with ‘A6’ badge which Apple is rumoured to be working on for quite some time.

Of course, you should take DigiTime’s report with a pinch of salt. This is all still a speculation at this point. With some good smartphone offerings coming out of Google, Microsoft and Samsung this Fall, Apple certainly has some high expectations to live up to with its iPhone 5.

Once released, iPhone 5 will be loaded with iOS 6, the latest mobile OS from Apple which is claimed to bring 200+ new features over its predecessor – iOS 5.


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