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How to Enable Passbook App in iOS 6 Beta

Apple introduced iOS 6 during the Keynote presentation at WWDC 2010. iOS 6 is claimed to brings 200+ new features. One of the major new features is the Passbook application. In iOS 6 betas Passbook Passbook is broken and offers nothing but a splash screen. But there’s a way to enable Passbook in iOS 6 betas and use it.

Hit the jump to learn how to enable and use Passbook in iOS 6 beta…
enable passbook in iOS 6 beta
For those unfamiliar, Passbook is a new app available in iOS 6 that stores digital boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and more.

If you want to see the Passbook available in your iOS 6 beta in action, you can do so by going to a dedicated third-party website allowing iOS 6 Passbook passes creation. Let’s enable Passbook in iOS 6 beta

How to Enable Passbook in iOS 6 Beta

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iOS 6 beta device and point it to: It lets you create Passbook passes for free.
  2. Tap on Individuals;
  3. On the next page, multiple test Passes options will be available. Tap on one of them;
  4. You’ll see several input fields to customize your pass. Leave everything as default, scroll to the bottom and tap on Create button;
  5. You’ll see the Preview of the pass you just created. Tap the Add button at the top-right to add this newly created pass to your Passbook;
  6. Now launch the Launch the Passbook app and the test pass that you just added should be there.

Obviously, these passes are just for testing. These are not usable. To see how the Passbook application works, watch the video embedded below…

via [Redmond Pie]

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