iPad 3 High Resolution Sharp Panel Leaked?

Leaked iPad 3 parts are have started appearing all over China. After the leaked iPad 3 back housing, Japanese blog Macotakara has published a photo of high resolution panel, for iPad 3, manufactured by Sharp…

As per Macotakara, the high-res panel was obtained by parts reseller Eye Lab Factory. Macotakara observes that the panel looks like a 9.7-inch panel and its flat cable seemingly corresponds to a similar cable connecting the iPad 2’s LCD panel to the motherboard. The display is said be have a 2,048-by-1,536 pixel resolution (XQGA).

2048-by-1536 resolution panels for iPad 3, manufactured by Sharp, are in line with earlier rumors related to iPad 3. iPad 3 is rumored to bring Retina Display, Quad-Core processor, LTE capabilities, better cameras and bigger battery.


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