iOS 5.0.1 Security Bug Lets You Bypass Passcode to Access Contacts, Make Calls [Video]

An iOS 5.0.1 security bug reported by iPhoneIslam lets you bypass passcode protected iPhone to access contacts list, make calls, and even send emails.

You can access the contacts and make calls from a passcode protected iPhone with sliding a missed call notification from the lockscreen (of a passcode protected iPhone) while the iPhone is searching for service, timing is crucial.

When the steps are carried out perfectly, the iOS 5.0.1 security bug allows you to access contacts and make calls from the victims passcode protected iPhone, without any need of the passcode.

In this video we discuss a major iOS 5 security flaw discovered by (Safwan Saba) that allows you to go to someone’s contacts list to make phone calls, text messages, and emails even if the person has a passcode on their phone. This works for all iPhones.

The folks over at iPhoneIslam calls it a major iOS 5 security flaw, but after watching the video embedded below we think it’s just a minor glitch with major difficulty to pull it off and Apple will likely fix it in the upcoming iOS 5.1 firmware.

Whatch the video below that shows how one can bypass iOS 5.0.1 passcode and access contacts/make calls.

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wazaberry February 22, 2012, 7:59 pm

What should we do then? Is there an upgrade or an IOS 5.0.2?

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