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iBooks FairPlay DRM Has Been Cracked

A MobileRead forum user claims to have Apple’s FairPlay iBooks DRM cracked by using the latest version of a popular DRM-removal tool. Requiem version 3.3, which has long been used to remove DRM restrictions from music and videos purchased from iTunes store, can now decrypt eBooks available in the iBookStore.

The Digital Rights Management (DRM) has previously prevented users from reading their purchased iBooks content on non-iOS devices. Cracked iBooks FairPlay DRM means that, with Requiem version 3.3, users will be able to unlock their purchased iBooks to use them on any device which supports ePub eBook format.

It is now possible to remove the DRM from ePub eBooks bought in Apple’s iBooks store. “Brahms”, has recently released a new version, 3.3, of his Requiem software, which has been able to remove DRM from music and videos bought in the iTunes Music Store for a long time. This new version can also remove the DRM from Apple’s ePub format eBooks.

What is Requiem?

“Requiem is a program that removes Apple’s DRM (called FairPlay) from songs, videos, and books purchased via iTunes, so they can be played on non-Apple-approved devices like a SlimServer or Linux box. The DRM removal is a lossless process – it is merely decrypting the file, not decoding and re-encoding it. Requiem must be run on a computer that is currently authorized to play the DRM’d music.”

We won’t be sharing the link to download Requiem software or a tutorial on how to remove DRM restriction from an iBooks’ eBook (Google is your best friend).

Apple is expected to fix this DRM exploit with an iTunes update. So, if you’re into cracking iBooks DRM, you should act fast…

via [AppAdvice]

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