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iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak is Just a Matter of Days Away

Pod2G’s iPad 2 and iPhone 4S jailbreak is so challenging that it’s even giving the “Dream Team” a tough time to develop it for public release. The entire jailbreak community has its eyes affixed on the Pod2G and the “Dream Team” as they finish up their work.

But now it looks like we won’t be waiting much longer, as pod2g says the A5 jailbreak is just days away now…

The “Dream Team has made some major progress over the last few days. Saurik, the father of Cydia, helped the team in getting out of the Sandbox issue. The issue even made Planetbeing, the legendary iPhone unlocker, to tweet that the A5 jailbreak is more complicated than iPhone 4S unlock. Here’s what Planetbeing tweeted:

And we’re out of the sandbox with @saurik’s invaluable help! (well, at least there’s a PoC) 😀 Turning out more complex than X-Gold 618.

iPhone 4S users haven’t enjoyed any jailbreak from day 1 and iPad 2 iOS 5 users have been waiting for last 7 months now. Now it’s a matter of time that both the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S users will get untethered jailbreak within a few days because the “Dream Team” also getting tired of it and want to release it ASAP. This is what Pod2g just posted on his blog:

Here are some news about the current work on the A5 research. @planetbeing escaped from the sandbox with the help of @saurik. Thanks to their awesome work, there should be nothing left blocking for the A5 jailbreak. Now it should be a matter of days. Still no precise ETA of course. We all want this to be finished ASAP, we’re getting tired!

This is indeed a great news for the jailbreak community especially for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users. Let’s hope no more speed bumps hit the jailbreak release. We’ll update you as we learn more about the upcoming iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak.

Excellent work “Dream Team”.

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