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Untethered iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak confirmed to be Working

Pod2g has shared some more info on the upcoming untethered jailbreak for iOS 5/5.0.1. The famous iOS hacker has announced that he has successfully jailbroken iPhone 4 untethered on iOS 5.0.1.

In previous update he reported that untethered jailbreak works on iOS 5 only and promised to test it on iOS 5.0.1. Now he has successfully ported the untethered to iOS 5.0.1 and it works on an iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1. This is what Pod2g tweeted:

Pod2g: Got an untethered iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1. Feel free to update.

Pod2g told his Twitter followers that iPhone 4 owners are good now to update to iOS 5.0.1. But keep in mind that it doesn’t apply to those dependent on UltraSn0w or Gevey SIM to unlock their iPhone. Unlock dependent users are advised to update to iOS 5.0.1 while preserving iPhone baseband.

While it’s indeed a great news, especially for those who updated to iOS 5.0.1 with no real way to downgrade back to iOS 5. the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S users are still out of luck since there’s no update for them. Please note that, the exploit has only been confirmed to be working on A4-based devices, and older, such as iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G & 3G, Apple TV, and iPad 1.

We’ll update you as we learn more about these upcoming jailbreaks. Stay Tuned!

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