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Apple Airs 3 New iPhone 4S Ads: iCloud, Camera, Siri [Videos]

Just after one week of airing the first iPhone 4s commercial, Apple has just aired 3 new iPhone 4S ads featuring the iCloud, camera and Siri.

Hit the jump to watch the videos…

iPhone 4S iCloud Ad

The iCloud ad shows iCloud integration for the iPhoen 4S. The ad shows downloading a song on the 4S and it instantly appears on the Mac, iWork documents syncing, photo steam and bookmark sycing between iPhone 4S and an iPad 2.

iPhone 4S Camera Ad

The iPhone 4S camera ad highlights the eight megapixel sensor, advanced optics, photo editing options in the iOS 5 camera application and full Twitter integration for photos sharing.

iPhone 4S Siri Ad

The new Siri iPhone 4S ad highlights Google Maps integration, listening to text messages, weather report, and hearing up a day’s appointment schedule.

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