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iOS 5.0 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to be Previewed on March 2nd?

Apple is expected to preview iOS 5.0 at the iPad 2 media event on Wednesday, March 2nd, according to a report by Engadget. Apple will unveil iPad 2 on this special media event.

It’s also almost guaranteed that we’ll see the next version of iOS (number 5 in all likelihood, along with its SDK for devs), and an expansion of Apple’s cloud services (that part is a little… foggy right now). Of course, that will perfectly set up Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 5 in June, which is when iPad owners can likely expect to be using the new software.

iOS 5.0 public release is expected in Summer 2011 along with the iPhone 5. A revamped notification system is rumored to be in works for iOS 5.0 firmware.

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