Ultrasn0w 0.92.1: Unlock iOS 4.0 Baseband 04.26.08 with Ultrasn0w

Ultrasn0w 0.92.1: Unlock iOS 4.0 Baseband 04.26.08

iPhone Dev-Team has released UltraSn0w 0.92.1 to unlock iOS 4.0 on iPhone 3GS, 3G with baseband 04.26.08. Yes, your iPhone MUST be at baseband 04.26.08 and running iOS 4.0 GM firmware.

Update: UltraSn0w 0.93 is Out Now! It can unlock all basebands for iPhone 3GS and 3G. (Check the Updates at the bottom)

Ultrasn0w 0.92.1“Version 0.92.1 of the ultrasn0w unlock is meant for those with baseband 04.26.08 running on 4.0GM. It does not use any new exploits, it merely fixes a logfile permission problem.”

UltraSn0w to unlock Baseband 05.12.01 on OS 3.1.3 and Baseband 05.13 of iOS 4.0 is also ready. Dev-Team is holding it till the iPhone 4 hits the shelves next week. Here’s what they have said:

A new ultrasn0w capable of unlocking 4.0’s baseband isn’t yet released because both the final 4.0 and iPhone 4 are coming out next week. Please be patient.


  • Your iPhone on iOS 4.0 Must be Jailbroken with PwnageTool (Jailbreak guides are linked at the bottom)
  • Your iPhone Baseband MUST be 04.26.08. To check your baseband: Settings> General> About> Modem Firmware
  • This works for iPhone 3GS with Old BootRom only.
  • 05.11.07 baseband users can always use BlackSn0w RC2.
  • 05.12.01 baseband users need to wait a couple of weeks more. Unlock is ready. They are waiting for iPhone 4 to hit shelves.

ultrasn0w 0.92.1ultrasn0w 0.92.1

Unlock iPhone Baseband 04.26.08 with UltraSn0w

If you’re  running baseband 04.26.08 on iOS 4.0 GM firmware and want to unlock your iPhone 3GS/3G with UltraSn0w 0.92.1, follow the guides linked below:

Jailbreak iOS 4.0

Unlock iOS 4.0

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Update 3: Unlock iPhone Baseband 05.13.04 with UltraSn0w 0.93

Update 4: Unlock iPhone Baseband 05.12.01 with UltraSn0w

Update 5: iPhone 4 Jailbreak is almost ready.

Update 6: iPhone 4 Unlock in works now.

Update 7:

UltraSn0w 1.0-1 is OUT now.
How to: Unlock iPhone 4 iOs 4.0.1 Baseband 01.59.00 with UltraSn0w 1.0-1
Unlock iPhone 4

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