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iPhone 4 Parts Cost Around $188

iSuppli has done its usual thing and has come with the cost of parts used to manufacture an iPhone 4 16GB model. According to iSuppli, the iPhone 4 16GB model costs Apple around $187.

The popular Retina display of iPhone 4 is the most expensive part which costs around $28.50 per unit. The A4 processor costs around $10.75.

iSuppli had estimated $179 cost per unit for the iPhone 3GS when it was released. Since then, the price of those parts has dropped to $139.

Check out the detailed cost sheet of iPhone 4 parts below:

iphone 4 cost

Please note that these estimates doesn’t include other direct and indirect costs such as labor, shipping, advertisement, oftware development, or patent licensing. via [BGR]

Update 1: Unlock iPhone 4 in works.

Update 2: GeoHot Jailbreak iPhone 4.

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