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AT&T Enabling iPhone Tethering With iPhone OS 4 [OFFICIAL]

AT&T is Finally enabling iPhone tethering with iPhone OS 4.0 for the US customers. The same day, iPhone users will also be greeted with new data plans including tethering option for $20 per month. AT&T internet tethering support has also been found in iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4.

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Smartphone customers – including iPhone customers – who choose the DataPro plan have the option to add tethering for an additional $20 per month. Tethering lets customers use their smartphones as a modem to provide a broadband connection for laptop computers, netbooks or other computing devices. Tethering for iPhones will be available when Apple releases iPhone OS 4 this summer.

Any Current iPhone customer will qualify for the $20/month Tethering option by switching to a new $25/month 2GB plan from the current $30/month unlimited data plan. So if you don’t want tethering, you can keep $30/month for unlimited data but in order to get tethering your data plan rate will increase to $45/month ($25 + $20) with a 2GB data cap.

Customers can pick the new data plan that best meets their needs ? either a $15 per month entry plan or a $25 per month plan with 10 times more data. Current smartphone customers are not required to switch to the new plans, but can choose to do so without a contract extension.

Each plan includes unlimited access to AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots. These are the new iPhone data plans that AT&T is going to introduce on 7th of June:

Data Plus – 200 MB of data for $15/month. Additional 200MB for another $15.
DataPro – 2GB of data for $25/month. Additional 1 GB of data for $10.
Tethering – Additional $20/month for DataPro customers.

Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 4G loaded with iPhone firmware 4.0 at WWDC 2010 starting from June 7th. [via 9to5mac]

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