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iPod Touch with 2 megapixel camera, Microphone Leaked [Video]

It’s like Prototypes Felling from the Sky in Vietnam. The same group that leaked the iPhone 4G 2nd prototype and then Macbook, has now come up with an iPod Touch with 2MP camera and microphone.

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ipod touch cameraThe DVT-1 stamp on the back make it clear that this iPod Touch with Camera is an early design verification test unit. So, it’s not the final output that Steve Jobs will be holding in his hands whenever Apple chooses to announce it.

ipod touch camera

The label indicates two modules of Samsung 32GB flash giving it 64GB in total storage, 2 megapixels camera, backside illuminated sensor manufactured by Omnivision (part OV2665-6s). This iPod touch is running a different Diagnostic utility than the one that the leaked iPhone 4g prototypes have been shown running. Engadget notes that a check of the device’s serial number identifies it as a late 2009 third generation iPod touch.

ipod touch camera

These pre-release leaks are super cool for the iBloggers but surely hurting Apple a lot.

via [Engadget]

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