Apple to Fix iPad WiFi Issues With iPad Firmware Update

Apple to Fix iPad WiFi Issues With Firmware Update

In an updated iPad WiFi support document Apple reveals that the iPad WiFi connectivity issues will be addressed with a future iPad firmware update.

A small number of iPad users are facing iPad WiFi connectivity issues like weak signals, forgotten passwords, and more technical networking issues. In this updated iPad support document, Apple outlines a few workarounds to get rid of these issues. Remaining issues with iPad Wi-Fi connectivity will be addressed with iPad OS update.

ipad wifi issueThe workarounds listed include:

  • Updating Wi-Fi router firmware
  • Using WPA or WPA2 wireless security
  • Adjusting screen brightness
  • Renewing IP address

So, a good news for those facing WiFi issues and a warning in advance to iPad jailbreakers.

REMINDER: If you’ve jailbroken your iPad with Spirit jailbreak or planning to jailbreak it in the near future, it’s strongly recommended to stay away from the iPad firmware update and make sure to save SHSH blobs for iPad 3.2 firmware before the new firmware update comes out. You can save iPad SHSH blobs using one of the guides linked below  (Steps are the same for all devices) using either firmware umbrella or autoshsh.

via [MacRumors]

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Update 1: Download iPad iOS 3.2.1

Update 2: Save SHSH blobs for iPad iOS 3.2.1

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