aDownloader: Download Manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

aDownloader is the first download manager app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with the advantages of the full screen work area. Using aDownloader, you can download all your files over any available network, from any site, including hosting sites such as rapidshare and megaupload.

aDownloader Features:


  • Download files over any network
  • Download files even from hosting sites such as rapidshare and megaupload.
  • Over 40 supported file types, including:
    • PDF
    • Word(doc and docx)
    • Excel(xls, xlsx)
    • Power Point(ppt, pptx)
    • Audio files (mp3, m4a, wav)
    • video(mpeg, 3gp, mov, youtube)
    • Image files (jpg, png, gif, bmp)
    • text files (txt, html, xml)
    • RAR and Zip archives (including multipart, password protected)
  • Create folders, cut, copy, delete, and move around files.
  • Multiple simultaneous downloads, no file limit, file sharing
  • Pause/Resume interrupted downloads

You can download your files to your desktop computer, use your favorite browser(Explorer, firefox, safari, etc…) to download and upload files to and from your iDevice.

You can download aDownloader from Cydia for Free! You iPhone must be jailbroken. You can jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using the guides linked below.

adownloader appadownloader appadownloader app

adownloader app

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benito3157 November 2, 2010, 7:20 am


benito3157 November 2, 2010, 7:20 am


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Ca marche bien

Mac April 23, 2012, 2:06 pm

Great tutorial

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Please get back old version aDownloader this new dosent work

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