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iPhone OS 4.0 Features: What’s Coming?

Apple is going to unveil iPhone OS 4.0 at an event which will be held at their One Infinite Loop Campus in Cupertino tomorrow at 10am PT, 1pm ET.

Blogoshpere is going wild on guessing what’s coming in the iPhone OS 4.0. No one, except Apple, knows what’s coming in iPhone OS 4.0. So, it’s the best time to discuss what to expect from tomorrow’s iPhone 4.0 firmware unveiling while keeping in mind all the rumors that are around for a long time now…

iphone os 4.0Multitasking

It’s the most demanded feature so far but Apple is yet to to offer it in iPhone. Apple has been criticized for not offering multitasking in last three years while their competitors are offering it for years now. There are several reports on multitasking coming to iPhone via iPhone OS 4.0. One report said that iPhone firmware 4.0 will bring Expose like multitasking to iPhone. Some multitasking evidences were also found in iPhone SDK 3.2. So, we expect Apple to unveil iPhone OS 4.0 with Multitasking feature.

Better Mail.app

Steve Jobs in an email confirmed that Universal mailbox is coming to iPhone. So, we can expect Mac Mail like universal mailbox in iPhone OS 4.0. Currently, iPhone users are required to check messages of each email account by navigating between accounts. With the universal mailbox, user will get an option to see emails from multiple accounts in a single inbox. Other expected improvements are multiple exchange accounts and ability to download and save email attachments.

iPad Features

Apple iPad came with many little tweaks in its iPad OS 3.2. Tweaks like spell check, replace, dictionary lookup, week view in Calendar.app, Wallpaper for Home Screen and others. We expect all these tweaks in iPhone OS 4.0 along with bluetooth keyboard support and the bookstore app, iBooks.

Improved Push Notifications

Given how fast and far push notifications has been adopted, it’s highly likely that iPhone OS 4.0 will bring us better notification management. With the current push notification system, users get notified about the latest notification only, the previous notifications are gone when a new notification pops up. User can’t see missed notifications again. So, expect a See more option or a separate notifications app for that.

Video Calling App – iChat

Video calling/chat is another most anticipated feature in the coming iPhone 4G. 9to5mac found evidences of video chat in iPhone SDK 3.2. Then O2’s iPhone data plans also revealed the upcoming video calling feature in iPhone. So, expect an app named iChat in iPhone OS 4.0 which will handle the video chat functionality.

Advertisement Platform – iAd

On the event tomorrow, Apple is also expected to unveil its mobile advertising platform named dubbed as the “iAd“. iAd was rumored to be shown off on April 7, and April 8 is just a day later. of course, if announced, iAd will be a part of iPhone SDK 4.0 for developers.

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Tomorrow is the day when Apple is going to put an end to all iPhone OS 4.0 features related rumors. We’ll keep you all updated tomorrow as the event goes LIVE. So stay tuned at iPhoneheat.com.

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Update 1: iPhone OS 4.0 is out now.

Update 2: iPhone firmware 4.0 beta 3 is out now:

Download iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3

Update 3: Orientation Lock and iPod Widget found in iPhone 4 beta 3

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