Verizon Wants to Sell MiFi Data Plans to the iPad Owners

Verizon wants you to buy WiFi only iPad because they plans to sell you MiFi Data plans for internet access on the go against AT&T’s 3G service on iPad 3G+WiFi.

You’ll surely save $130 when you go for iPad WiFi only as compared to iPad WiFi+3G, sounds good.. but would you be convinced with a 5GB Verizon MiFi plan costing you $60 over “unlimited” AT&T data for $30? and not to forget, MiFi also has an advantage of using it for more than one devices simultaneously.

iPad launches in the U.S on April 3rd and pre-orders starting March 12th. iPad 3G model will be available in late April. So these are the choices you’ve got:

  • iPad-WiFi + Verizon MiFi (on April 3rd) + (advantage of using it for more than one devices simultaneously)
  • iPad-WiFi+3G on AT&T (Late April) + (Single Device only)

Getting an iPad? Which one would you go for? Drop use a line in the comments section.

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Lowell904 March 10, 2010, 9:58 pm

I will not be getting one. Between my laptop and 3g iPhone I’m set. Either iPad option is too expensive for me. Forunately I can own and operate my 3G because there are options to keep the cost down. I don’t think iPad will sell well until the cost come down or more ways around the cost surface.

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