iPad Preorders Begin March 12th, 5:30am PST - iPhoneHeat

iPad Preorders Begin March 12th, 5:30am PST

Apple will start iPad preorders from Friday, March 12th, at 5:30am PST (8:30am EST). TUAW received this iPad Preorders info from an Apple rep:

Customers can pre-order online at apple.com at 5:30am Pacific time on Friday, March 12.

If you live in US or live outside but have a US billing address and a credit card, you’re eligible to preoerder iPad otherwise wait for another month to get your hands onto this new sweet piece of tech.

Now you have an exact time to preorder iPad. So, get your credit cards ready and keep hitting the refresh button… Please note that Apple will start shipping iPad WiFi models from April 3rd and iPad WiFi+3G models will hit the shelves in late April.

Update 1

Apple Store is Down… iPad Preorders will be LIVE soon..

Update 2

Pre-Order iPad Now

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