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Video Chat Coming to iPhone and iPad?

Here comes an evidence of video chat in future iPhone and/or iPad found in the TelephonyUI.framework in latest iPhone SDK 3.2.

Some of the icons available in the iPhone 3.2 SDK are labeled as “Accept Video” and “Decline or End Video” which indicates the implementation of the video chat in iPhone 4G and/or iPad.

video chat iphone 4g

In another screenshot below you can see the highlighted Videochat strings hidden in some of the underlying iPad telephony apps that are equally, if not more, telling evidence of future VideoChatting capabilities.

video chat iphone 4g

In short, this evidence means that the next generation iPhone 4G and/or iPad will feature a front facing camera.

An evidence to iChat, the chatting software in Mac OS, is also found.

video chat iphone 4g

If true, it is the right step for Apple at the right time if they want to play well in such a competitive smartphones market where everyone want to kill iPhone; Google with Nexus One, HTC holding HD2 and Windows guys have also jumped into the game and they really want to slice the Apple.

Do you want to see a front facing camera in the next iPhone? Comments section is for you…

Update 1: iPhone 4G Display

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