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iBlueNova Hits the Cydia Store

iBlueNova, the successor of iBluetooth app is now available in Cydia and supports latest iPhone Firmware. iBluetooth is the first iPhone app by MeDevil for jailbroken iPhone to transfer files from iPhone via Bluetooth which was only available on the iPhone 2.x firmware.

iBlueNova perform the same function and let you transfer files using Bluetooth to other devices. It’s a feature which has been missing from the iPhone since its launch. Apple wouldn’t let you do it. Thanks to MeDevil that jailbreak community can enjoy file transfers to other devices from iPhone.

iBlueNova Features

  • iPod Touch 2g is supported (no support for iPod Touch 1g, since it has no bluetooth hardware). iPod Touch 3g support is experimental.
  • iPhone 2g, 3g & 3gs are supported.
  • Firmware 3.0 and above are supported.
  • Music library is read-only, no received music or video will be saved in the library.
  • iBluetooth licenses will STILL be valid for iBlueNova.
  • 1 license = 1 device (doesn’t matter if you will use the old license on a new device).
  • Downloading from cydia store is independent from purchasing on cydia store. This will allow you to download and try iBlueNova for 15 days BEFORE purchasing a full license.

iBlueNova supports iPhone OS 3.x. You can download a 15 days trial of iBlueNova from the Cydia Store but after which you must have to purchase iBlueNova for $5.99 to continue using it.

NOTE: All users who purchased iBluetooth in the past, will get free upgrade to iBlueNova.

Update 1:

How to: transfer files from iPhone via Bluetooth using iBlueNova

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