Fix Recovery Mode Loop iPhone iPod Touch

How to Fix iPhone Recovery Mode Loop

Sometime during jailbreak or restoring iPhone/iPod Touch using custom firmware your device won’t boot normally and stuck into recovery mode. Then every time you reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch it enters into recovery mode asking for restore. This is called recovery mode loop.

In this guide we are going to talk about how to fix recovery mode loop on iPhone and iPod Touch. To get out of recovery mode loop you can use iRecovery and iREB.

NOTE: We are talking about recovery mode loop resulted due to some error during jailbreak process. We are NOT discussing the recovery mode that all new iDevice users face whenever they reboot their iPhone 3GS or iTouch 2G (MC) & iTouch 3G. These devices are tethered jailbreak only (you lose jailbreak on reboot) that’s why get stuck into recovery mode on reboot. Just run the BlackRa1n/RedSn0w again to get out of recovery.

Disclaimer: This guide is for testing and educational purposes only. It’s a universal process and tested many times though we can NOT be held responsible if anything goes wrong.

How to Fix Recovery Mode Loop with iREB

You can use iREB to fix the recovery mode loop on iPhone/iPod Touch. You can find download links below.

Here’s a great video by DinoD7 on using iREB to get iPhone out of Recovery mode loop.

How to Fix Recovery Mode Loop with iRecovery

What is iRecovery?

iRecovery is a libusb-based commandline utility for Mac OS X and Linux (perhaps windows too but I’m not developing/testing under windows). It is able to talk to the iBoot/iBSS in Apple’s iPhone/iPod touch via USB.

It currently connects to 0x1281 (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod touch, iPod touch 2G: Recovery Mode/iBSS), 0x1227 (iPhone,
iPhone 3G, iPod touch: WTF Mode; iPod touch 2G: DFU Mode).

  1. Download the iRecovery files linked below.
  2. (Mac users please skip to step 2, this step is for Windows users only)
    Install the libusb first. If you are on Windows 7 or Vista you need to run libUSB in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode: 

    • Right click on libusb exe file > Properties > Compatibility. Check mark the “Run this program in compatibility mode” box and select “Windows XP (Service Pack2)”from the drop down list.
    • Right click again and select “Run as “Administrator”. Install libUSB.
  3. Run the iRecovery in Terminal/Command Prompt with iRecovery -s. (make sure you change your directory in the command prompt to the directory where you have installed irecovery)
  4. Now run the following commands in the Terminal:
    • setenv auto-boot true
    • saveenv
    • /exit
  5. Now reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch by holding home + power/sleep for 10 seconds.

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