iDashboard 1.0 for iPhone Released | How to Install iDashboard on iPhone

iDashboard 1.0 for iPhone Released | How to Install it

WyndWarrior has released iDashboard for iPhone. iDashboard is an iPhone utility which performs the widget functionality of Mac OS X. Ocean Observations had given a similar concept before: What if iPhone had.. Dashboard Widgets.

A multi page dashboard for your iPhone! Features a world clock, a calendar, a weather widget, a working calculator, lockscreen dashboard, and double-tap Dashboard. Also will have available widget packs for download in Cydia. Customization features include: wall-papers with auto-dim and the ability to change wallpapers through the photo app.

You can download iDashboard 1.0 for iPhone Released from here:

How to install iDashboard 1.0 .deb File

In order to install iDashboard 1.0 .deb file you need to:

  • Jailbreak iPhone
  • Install Open SSH
  • Install MobileTerminal from Cydia
  • Install WInterBoard
  • WinSCP (Win) or CyberDuck (Mac) to SSH into iPhone.
  • Download iDashboard 1.0 .deb file

Step 1

SSH into iPhone and copy the downloaded .deb file in the following directory:


Step 2

Open the MobileTerminal from your iPhone and execute the following commands (hit return after typing each command):

  • su
  • alpine
  • dpkg -i /tmp/iDashboard.deb

Respring your iPhone then.

Step 3

Open WinterBoard and enable iDashboard from there.

Press the Home button to close WinterBoard (your iPhone will Respring)

Step 4

Now go to

Settings > General > Home

Turn iPod Controls ON and select iDashboard.

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