Comparison: iPhone 3GS vs Palm Pre vs Motorola Droid

Now that Motorola DROID has set its foots into the smartphone market when iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre already have stronghold of the market, it’s good time to compare these great devices.

Below you can find an informative chart: comparison between iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre and Motorola Droid. Check it out to know who stands tallest in the smartphone market.


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Help nick November 3, 2009, 5:34 am

iphone is not 599

justinxtreme November 5, 2009, 3:09 am

Yes it is…. if it’s locked.

It’s around $800 if it’s unlocked.

Also by the way the Palm Pre will be coming out soon with 32GB of storage capacity? Please also add Video Recording coming soon as well as Video Editing as Adobe is developing the software for the Pre

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