China Unicom Buys 1.5 Billion Worth of iPhones, To Go On Sale In September?

According to IBTimes, China Unicom has shelled out 10 billion yuan ($1.46 billion) to buy 5 million units of WCDMA iPhones from Apple with unit price of 2,000 yuan ($293).

Company will offer the iPhone in September, according to Zhou Youmeng, China Unicom’s vice general manager.

The price of the 8G standard iPhone is set at about 2,400 yuan and the 16G may be sold at 4,800 yuan.
said Yu Zaonan.

China Unicom will likely catch up with China Mobile if our profits grow by 40% with the boost of iPhones,
Yu said.

IBTimes’ insiders are amazed that Apple gave up its dividend model. Apple likely made compromises for China because of the enormous demand and intense competition.

The spokesman of China Unicom said that the final agreement hasn’t been reached with Apple.

[via IBTimes]

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