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China iPhone Images Hit the Web

A Chinese portal has posted some pictures of iPhone for China. If not Real, atleast some nicely faked images are made real.

In one picture, iPhone is syncing. Note that iPhone for China is on Unicom’s 3G network and it will not feature Wi-Fi Network. This remained a main sticking pt. in negotiation. The image shows iPhone as WCDMA model with seal of approval of Chinese environmental regulators for a period of ten years.


Some rumors have claimed that China Unicom will pay $440 for each iPhone they receive but selling it at a lower price. It’s being said that China Unicom has guaranteed a minimum of one million units sold per year.

However, Apple and Unicom are still in talks. iPhone for China is expected to be launched around September on China Unicom’s network, the second-largest operator in China.

via [MacWorld]

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