BigBoss BossPaper for iPhone is out

BossPaper, a Wallpaper Manager App for iPhone in Cydia Now

BigBoss has finally brought BossPaper for iPhone out of Beta and has release BossPaper v1.0 into the Regular BigBoss repository.

BossPaper is a wallpaper manager jailbreak app for your iPhone SpringBoard which uses a little memory and processor. WinterBoard also features wallpaper manager but BigBoss believes that this enhancement is not a WinterBoard replacement however it comes handy where WinterBoard leaves the gap.

You can already theme the wallpaper with Winterboard. So why the need for BossPaper? BossPaper provides a much more performance-friendly method to rotate background pictures of your choosing without Javascript.


  • Rotates images you select. Select multiple folders or just a few images. (Winterboard only shows images theme maker selects).
  • Rotation stops when iPhone is locked or an app starts. This is a critical point. Winterboard javascript rotation runs while locked and you cannot see it, or while you’re running another app, such as a game, causing overall system lag. BossPaper does not! As soon as you load a game, app, or such the rotation timer is immediately halted and resumed only when you return to the springboard (desktop).
  • Rotate with the transition you select from many available to get that cool look you want. Or randomize it!
  • Rotate on timer, a duration you select.
  • Totally customizable and controllable. You select what gets shown.
  • Compatible with winterboard (just make sure you disable any wallpaper themes in winterboard).
  • Very low RAM and CPU use. Almost no hit to standard iPhone performance. RAM use is about 1mb to load two pictures. Winterboard javascript rotation is a huge hit on iPhone performance in both CPU, Battery, and RAM (memory). Note: Winterboard, itself is not bad for system performance. Most Winterboard related performance issues comes down to some javascript type theme running.

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