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New iPhone Parts Being Sold in Hong Kong?

China Ontrade, a Hong Kong based parts vendor, is advertising Bezel and LCD parts of the New iPhone. Parts will be delivered within 5 to 12 working days, the vendor says.

ChinaOntrade claims to be the first to supply next generation iPhone parts direct from the factory. iLounge describes the leaked parts as:

Notably, the bezels appear to show a repositioned and redesigned ear speaker, now significantly higher above the display than the present speaker, and ringed with metal, a change that may make room for additional front-mounted sensor or camera hardware. Also changed is the bezel’s color, which has shifted from the prior silver in all iPhone and iPhone 3G models to a nearly black metallic color reminiscent of the backs of later fifth-generation iPod U2 Special Edition models. In the photos, the bezel now stops short of ringing the entire iPhone face, ending at roughly the edge of the LCD screen.

Have a look at the images of available parts:



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