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More Rumors About New iPhone and iPods

After the Chinese guy’s claims, now HardMac has come up with some details about new iPhone and iPods that they received via their sources. HardMac claims that

  • The future iPhone models will have exactly the same shape and size than the current iPhone 3G, despite fakes and rumors circulating.
  • Apple should refresh models for the iPod Nano and Touch in September. Both should now include a camera, similarly to the iPhone.

If you read the new iPhone details rumored by Chinese guy, you will find that the current shape and size will remain unchanged in the new iPhone seems consistent in these rumors.

The possibility of camera in the iPod Touch and iPod Nano latest rumor from the house of HardMac. Camera to the iPod Touch make the most sense as this will tie iPod Touch much closer to iPhone OS. However, a Camera on iPod Nano would be a surprise.


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