iUSB Tunnel – SSH into your iPhone, Simple iPhone Tethering and More

NukJon, a forum member at iPhone dash hacks has released a very handy Windows application named iUSB Tunnel.

With a simple interface of iUSB Tunnel, you can SSH into your iPhone, iPhone Tethering  and much more in a simple and easy way.


iUSB Tunnel is a simple gui that makes it easy to use SSH, VNC and Tethering with your iPhone over usb on a Windows machine. It’s a free liteweight program and portable so you can run it from a usb stick if you want. It comes loaded with WinSCP, Putty, Firefox Portable, iTunnel, TightVNC and UltraVNC so you don’t have to download those programs.

We have not yet tried it, but when we do, we will come up with a post. If you would like to give it a shot, below is the links:

If you would like to give this a shot, you can download it via our iPhone Downloads section or you may download it from the source link.

Download iUSB Tunnel Installer v1.2.0

Download iUSB Tunnel v1.2.0 — No Installation required

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