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iTwin – Access Your iPhone’s Info Without Jailbreak

itwiniTwin is a Windows based app which lets you access your iPhone databases from your PC in a simple UI. As per The official website:

iTwin is a program for the Windows PC, that will show the content of your iPhone/iPod Touch databases in a quite familiar ‘Look & Feel’. You will have access to your ‘Contacts’, your ‘SMS’, to the ‘Calendar’ and to your ‘Notes’. In addition iTwin will generate a ‘Birthday-List’ including ‘Zodics’ out of your contact details.

iTwin can read your databases in two different ways. If your device is ‘jailbroken’ then you have instant access to your data via ‘WiFi’. The second way is by analyzing the ‘iTunes-Backup-Files’, where it is not necessary to have a ‘modified’ iPhone or iPod Touch !

iTwin app is great for having a separate backup of your important information somewhere or you prefer a larger screen fro viewing.

“no jailbreak” option works from your iTunes backup files so is great for those of you who sync often otherwise the resulted information will be as old as you sync. So, it’s god idea to sync often if you want to use this app for non-jailbroken iPhone. iTwin is not yet available for Mac OS X.



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