iPhone Video: iPhone Tethering and MMS in Action Over iPhone OS 3.0

As we are getting closer to WWDC 2009, the more people are getting over the iPhone OS 3.0 prospect. Many of the iPhone users are waiting for internet tethering and MMS feature in the final release of iPhone OS 3.0.

Below you can watch an iPhone Video showing how easy it’s to Tether your iPhone via USB and Bluetooth. You will also see how MMS works in iPhone OS 3.0. With this HD quality video recorded over MAC, you can clearly see how simple it is to Tether your iPhone and playing with MMS.


Here you can check iPhone OS 3.0 – New Features List.

I myself looking forward to get sending multiple images via email, copy & paste feature. What you guys are looking forward to in iPhone OS 3.0?

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