Video: iPhone Telephony Apps Feeling the Heat – Now Here Comes ‘Google Voice for iPhone’


Yes! after a big arrival of Skype for iPhone here comes another big one: GV Mobile (Google Voice for iPhone) by Sean Kovacs. Google Voice is the rebirth of Grand Central. Using Google Voice for iPhone you will be able to:
  • Dial numbers. Domestic for Free and international at variable rates (from both dialpad and phonebook)
  • consolidate all of your phone numbers to a single number
  • Filter incoming calls
  • Call history
  • screen calls
  • Receive calls from different phones (not just iPhone)
  • Listen and Delete Voice mails
  • Send free US SMS

Google Voice App for iPhone is available to all those having Grand Central accounts or those who are in touch with Google folks. Google Voice for iPhone has been submitted to Apple app store for approval. We will let you know when it’s up there.

Mobile Carriers are already not much happy from Skype now there comes Google Voice. If SMS sending is two-way, who will subscribe those expensive AT&T SMS Plans?

Watch the Video:

via 9to5mac

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